Lynn - Yes We Have No Bananas

That song kept going through my head all through breakfast:

1/2 cup oats cooked in 1 cup water with 2 TB cage free egg whites, 1 TB Ruth's Chia Goodness, and an organic persimmon. We didn't have any bananas in the house today - not even frozen ones (I usually keep some for us and Julius' kong) and they were definitely missed - the oats were a lot less creamy - in fact, they were almost crunchy!

With a pot of Creme Au Caramel Rooibos -

Today has been all about getting the house back to normal - I dragged myself to the gym with the promise that I would only have to do 1/2 an hour of cardio so I could tackle all the laundry, cleaning, etc. I had to restock on a lot more than just bananas so I hit the grocery store too. (We had watched "Food, Inc." last night so I was extra conscious of what went into my cart.)

Back home we had a huge pile of vacation mail waiting to be opened, including this package from Cyndi at The Best Damn Granola Company - apparently, they also make handcrafted soaps!

I chose the Chocolate Raspberry one, which came in this cute burlap sac -

Looks like someone already took a bite (it actually does look good enough to eat):

Smells heavenly, too. Can't wait to take a soak in it later. Thanks, Cyndi!

For lunch I made a salad with farmers market organic greens, shredded carrots, Galeo's World's Best Miso dressing, and some Applegate Farms Organic Genoa Salami:

Plus some Doctor Kracker Cherry Semolina Crisps on the side:

And s'more rooibos (I keep reusing the tea leaves):

Time to get unpacking! I took it easy yesterday so that I could recover from the travel exhaustion but I did find the energy to put up the Christmas tree! My birthday is December 24th, so I'm a bit of a freak about the holiday. I grew up with live trees and sentimental ornaments but since being on my own we've stuck to the fake tree we bought back in NYC, and I've started collecting my own tree trimmers throughout the last few years' travels:

A butterfly from Cambodia last Christmas...

...a Giraffe from South Africa...

And from this September's trip to South Dakota:

I'm so happy it's up!