Lynn - Yee Haw!

Before yesterday's student screening of "White on Rice," I consumed this PB and J sandwich (Nuttzo with TJ's Reduced Sugar Orange Marmalade 0n multigrain) that I'd made at home.

The screening was packed with about 300 students - the University, which sponsored the event (and my flight/hotel) did a really good job promoting it. Here's the poster one of the seniors drew:

His rendition of me and my co-stars cracked me up. I even got to keep it!

I was really pooped right after the screening so I decided to be anti-social and head straight back to my hotel. This was calling my name:

It was super comfy and had an adorable longhorn logo -

Then I ordered room service and hooked up a video i-chat session with Abe. Julius got very confused about where my voice was coming from:

I still wasn't feeling terribly hungry so I just got a bowl of chili. I left off the sour cream/cheese and just had the oyster crackers with it.

It was delicious - but where was the hot sauce? I liked dining "with" my husband.

An apple I'd snagged earlier from the hotel gym:

Some of my favorite childhood movies were playing on TV! "Annie:"

and when that was done, I switched to "The Wizard of Oz:"

What a lovely night. I noshed on a Flax Plus Pumpkin Granola Bar from Nature's Path right before I passed out about 10:30 pm.

I give this bar the same review I give their "pumpkin" cereal - pumpkin seed, yes, pumpkin flavor, no. Still tasty, though.

I wound up sleeping much later than I thought - when I woke up it was time to hit the gym, pack, and check out. Masashi, the Austin Asian American Film Festival Executive Director, was kind enough to take me to the flagship Whole Foods for a healthy meal.

Behold, the motherland:

I've been here once before, when I was in Austin 3 years ago, but I was still swept with emotion as I stepped through the doors. There were so many options, I was a bit overstimulated. They don't let you photograph inside, but I must tell you - it's beyond. BEYOND, PEOPLE!

I ate a bunch of samples inside before deciding on the simplest option - the salad bar. We sat outside in this beautiful area, where the atmosphere was almost like a party - they kept making announcements from inside the store and people were quite jolly.

I can't even remember what I got. Basically a little bit of everything:

After lunch, we headed over to the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, where "White on Rice" had an already sold-out screening at 2pm scheduled.

The theater was so cool - they actually serve food there and even have tables so you can eat and watch.

After intro-ing the film, I had to hop right over to the airport to catch my flight, where I am actually blogging from now. Yay for free wi-fi (a gift from boingo for the holidays at select airports)! I've got a layover in Las Vegas in a few hours - crossing my fingers for internet access there as well.

If you're in Toronto, "White on Rice" will be playing at the Reel Asian Film Festival tomorrow, 5pm, at Innis Town Hall. I will obviously not attending that, but my director, David Boyle will. Thanks to the University of Texas and The Austin Asian Film Festival for taking such great care of me - it's been a whirlwind of a trip but a lot of fun.