Lynn - Welcome Home!

It's really nice to be back in Los Angeles. Here's what my last day in the Boston area looked like -

We woke up, packed, and checked out of the hotel so that we could all head over to the bakery where my cousin Rachel (the one who made the marvelous Thanksgiving treats) works, Swiss Bakers in Reading, MA.


She treated us all to a lovely pastry breakfast!


I began with a free sample of Raspberry Croissant...


...then ordered a cup of herbal tea and this jumbo pretzel (which I ate about 1/3 of)


A bite of a chocolate weggli -


And a bite of a special treat isn't even available in the bakery yet - PRETZEL CROISSANTS!!!


Absolutely unbelievable. Buttery, light, flakey, and pretzel flavored!!!

There were 12 of us packed into that tiny bakery for well over an hour (with only one table) so we decided it was time to say our good-byes and continue on with our travels. We bid adieu to Abe's family, who was driving back to Philadelphia, and the rest of us killed some time before our flight.

We headed to the nearby Jordan's Furniture, which I'd never heard of before but apparently they're all over Massachusetts. As their slogan aptly describes, "Not just a store, an experience."

An experience, indeed. This place was crazy!

The Reading location had a whole town made out of jellybeans:


Yup - those are beans:


And so are these:


So much stuff to look at! Fenway's Green Monster:


This place was perfect to get out of the crazy weather (it was blustery and c-c-c-cold) with our cousins.

They even had trapeze (the main reason we went here, since you may remember that Franny and Mark both go to trapeze school in L.A.)


Insanity, this place was. We didn't even check out the giant furniture store part.

After saying goodbye to our cousins, it was just me, Abe, and Aunt Gail. We stopped by Flour Bakery since it was near the airport.


It was a really cool place - Gail ordered a soup and Abe got a sandwich to go but I didn't have anything. The place was super crowded, especially with kiddies since it was near The Children's Museum.


We also wandered into the Boston Fire Museum, where the two super charming guys showed us around:


They shot "The Departed" here!

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare - surprisingly, the lines were super short. Logan has a pretty good food court with interesting options. I hit the counter of Ufood Grill:


I ordered a salad to eat on the plane and enjoyed a cup of vegetarian chili, without cheese:


A bite of Abe's hummus and veggie sandwich from Flour Bakery:


And a crunchy New England apple:


I got hungry on the plane about 3 hours later. I dug into my salad, which had chicken, cranberries, and walnuts with a sweet pomegranate dressing:


Pretzels (x2):


Around 20 minutes later I was still hungry so I ate this organic pear. (FYI - not my beer in the background!)


We watched A LOT of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" ...


And I read the first 100 pages of Kathy Griffin's autobiography, which my sister-in-law Anna brought for me. She said there was some stuff in it about eating disorders/Hollywood that I could probably relate to and there sure was - I had no idea Kathy Griffin was also a binge eater/ was helpful for me to read about that, plus her struggles with persevering in this super brutal business....


It was the perfect plane book; I may have to save the rest of it for our trip back east for the Holidays!