Lynn - Head Shots

Oh, it's been one of the days where my head hasn't been screwed on right. The day started off fine - with 30-min. of upper arm weights and a delicious brekkie:

Last night I dumped some frozen organic raspberries into some organic plain yogurt. This morning it thawed to form this gorgeous magenta base, which I added a little NuStevia to and topped with 1/4 cup of Fig N Nuts Granola, made by the Best Damn Granola Company. It's available via Regional Best (who sent us the lavender salts too) and really was the perfect combo of flavors (you know how I love the figs). Crunch, crunch, chew, chew.

I also sipped on some honey chamomile tea with some Vitamin D3 gummies, my multi (it's a generic store brand), green pills, and a Newman's Ginger Mint.

Then my day got silly. After a near alternate-side-of-street-parking-ticket incident which got my heart pumping, I drove an hour in traffic to Santa Monica for an audition that I thought was all improv (it's an improv show) but turns out there were 4 pages of sides (that's what they call audition scenes). So I wound up having a very, very, very cold reading that left me feeling, well, not so hot. Both were mistakes that could've easily been avoided, but I dunno what to say - brain fart.

After that I headed to my new manager's office to drop off some headshots. I just realized I never shared my pix from my commercial shoot back in August. Here are the ones my commercial agents chose:

But these are the ones I dropped off with my manager, which are for theatrical (TV/film) -

Don't I look threatening in that first one? That's for all the uber serious drama stuff I go in for.

Lots more traffic, a trip to the gas station and Trader Joe's, and I was READY for lunch:

A starving salad: organic spinach/herb salad mix, avocado, TJ's hodgepodge mix and some frozen broccoli, a Sunshine Burger, chopped pickles, 1/2 an organic carrot, and Wild Garden hummus thinned out with water for dressing.

With a side of Guiltless Gourmet Spinach Artichoke Parmesan Tortilla Chips.

This day keeps going - I have to take Julius for a walk before teaching a piano lesson. I changed my regular Tuesday night shrinky dink appointment to a phoner instead, so I don't have to do any more driving in traffic than I have to. Give my little noggin a rest.

Theme song of the day: "Where is My Mind?"

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