Lynn - Appetite Found

Whew. Hunger came back with a vengeance 3 hours after my mini lunch yesterday. It kinda hit me out of the blue - one second I was reading blogs on the couch, the next I was screaming, "Are you ready for dinner, Abe?!"

Luckily there were wonderful leftovers to be consumed, stat. I'd made a lazy lasagna on Thursday night, this time using only cottage cheese (no yogurt) with a sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast on top.

I'd forgotten to add an egg, and we still don't have mozzarella cheese in the house, so once again, it didn't meld fantastically. Tasted delightful, though.

Dessert was a thick slice of pumpkin bread and a cup of Decaf Sweet Coconut Thai with organic skim milk and Erythritol. I'd made a loaf from some store-bought pumpkin mix, substituting the milk with rice milk, the eggs with egg whites, and the oil with canned pumpkin puree.

The result was tremendous - super moist and bursting with pumpkin. I'm stocking up on more bread mix and canned pumpkin this season! I felt so happy and content eating this delicious meal after feeling ravenous. (I've also snapped out of my poopie mood today, by the way!)

We watched the documentary "Every Little Step," which follows the casting of the Broadway revival of "A Chorus Line." The movie was good - it was entertaining, and truly captured the emotion involved during the casting process. I even shed a few tears for those actors - the ones who made it, and the ones who didn't. I also felt incredibly relieved that I no longer go out for musicals, which I did when I was first starting out in NYC ten years ago. Those dance routines and cattle calls are brutal!

While watching the movie my mouth was bored so I sucked on a raspberry tootsie and drank some extra bubbly seltzer from my Sodastream.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, especially those at the Foodbuzz Festival! I'm a little sad because I had originally planned on stopping by - I was supposed to be in San Francisco for an "X's and O's" screening party but wound up canceling since I'm doing a lot of traveling these next few months. It looks like everyone's having a great time so far. Happy Saturday and don't forget to enter our Chobani giveaway, which ends on Wednesday!