Christy - Our own B&B

When Jeff and I come to CT for Thanksgiving, we are lucky enough to be invited to stay with his Aunt and Uncle. We have our own comfy room and bathroom, a treadmill and all kinds of workout equipment, and the best part is BREAKFAST!!

Each day, Uncle Dave makes us a gourmet breakfast to start our day. Here are a couple of the breakfasts we enjoyed this year:

Say hi to our Chef - Dave Marcial!

This morning's delicacy is Peach French Toast.

He soaks bread in a french toast batter mixture of eggs and brown sugar over night. In the morning, add peaches or whatever type of fruit you prefer, on top of the soaked bread, taking out a few pieces to lay on top of the fruit. Then bake in the oven for ______

This was my portion

With maple syrup from their trees!

Another morning we had thin, crepe like omelets.

Pour the beaten eggs into a pan to make a thin layer. On top add some tomato, basil and cheese (if desired). Once the egg firms on the bottom, instead of flipping it, take a baster of water and squirt a small amount until the egg. Then put a lid on the pan. This steams the eggs and since you are not flipping it, it doesn't get too fluffy.

Then roll it up and serve

It is delicious - Light and not too filling.