Christy - Truffle Heaven

My husband and I had a scrumptious job today - we ate some of the truffles from Nicobella. Now I will start by saying that I am generally not a truffle girl. But I am totally excited by these because they are organic, vegan and sweetened with agave (not my arch nemisis cane sugar!). Could it be possible to make it taste good?

The answer is absolutely, 100% yes. I was surprised to find them creamy and deep in flavor even though there is no cream, sugar or butter. We took small bites of 4 different flavors so far - Pumpkin Chai (it is as divine as it sounds!), blueberry almond, pure cocoa bliss, and sunflower banana butter. My favorite was the pumpkin chai and my husband's was the sunflower banana butter. And just a small bite of a few was really satisfying.

I read up on the company as well, and the truffles were developed by a nutritionist which is really great because you know that she is thinking of the health aspect of the truffles. The chocolate is all fair trade. And the packaging is eco-friendly too.

What I love most about these though is that they are the perfect answer as a gift for someone who enjoys sweets. As a health counselor, I can't usually justify getting sweets for anyone, knowing how bad they are for you. But this is a good solution for me - I can give them something they will enjoy without having to compromise my views on health. The truffles are $15 for 6 (Godiva makes a box of 5 for $13, so Nicobella's are actually cheaper!). Go to to order a box.

Nichole - I am totally impressed. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to sample these!!