Tweats of the Week

For those of you who follow us on twitter, you know that we retweet what other actors eat - the good, the bad...all of it. Here's some highlights from this past week:

MsMingNa Still on set! Ate an ULTR-YUMMY Angus burger cooked on the bbq! Only way to keep going…

robhuebel 'Beef Pot Roast' would be a crappy name for a breakfast cereal.

Chris_Gorham Here's the site 2 order those cookies! RT @kristin1724: When u leave Ann Arbor, u can order them online!

ShannonElizab - At this cool restaurant right now called Company-look @ some of the unique things on this menu!

NiaVardalos Appreciating all tweeter salad suggestions for avocados. Did tomato, mayo+pepper...still in my teeth.

LouDPhillips Made my famous turkey meatloaf w/ herbs from the garden. The Simon &Garfunkle mix - parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme. My girls dig it.

mindykaling "Dosas, Injera, Tortillas, Pancakes: Flat Breads, Fast Times, and Trying To Find a Husband" is my unauthorized Eat Pray Love rip-off

1capplegate Perfect day. Good friends,ocean,an exotic cheese plate and caprese salad…

youromegagirl nice to be home cooking with mom...funny...teaching "her" how to make pesto and fresh tom sauce from her teach her something?haha

ashsimpsonwentz Me too..Monday! RT @petewentz: @ashsimpsonwentz missing taco nights

SandraBernhard california protein bread, omega 3 eggs, faken bacon, grapeseed oil spray, hemp milk, frozen berries and bananas, apples, coconut water

EthanSuplee I happen to be a chicken wing connoisseur. I believe I've found the greatest wings on earth at a little place called Crave in Akron Ohio.

emmyrossum Del's frozen lemonade, delicious with a side of vicious brain freeze

aplusk There's a German in my kitchen making strudel.

candacecbure Ok. The fruit in that yogurt cup was a little scary. But I still ate half of it. Gross. Wishing I didn't.

mileycyrus I just ate 9 pot stickers, mac and cheese, waffle fries, fried rice, and eggs. Wow. Eating healthy starts TOMORROW!

THEsaragilbert I eat sugar & gluten- best advice make 1 small change at a time RT@bonnieflesher u r vegan gluten free,no sugar Trying to change any advice?

KimKardashian I had one bite to satisfy my craving, that was it! Coffee cake was yummy, but a moment on the lips is a life time on the hips! LOL

TiaMowry I am sooo hungry! I think I am going to order some Thai food take-out!

jennettemccurdy i love cherry cough drops

SarahPaulson Why does the first bite of cottage cheese always taste like it has gone bad?

frankiemuniz Salmon sashimi tomorrow: strong possibility…