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I didn't blog my meals yesterday, but I had to share a trip to one of my favorite places in Los Angeles from last night -

Scoops is a gelato place on Heliotrope and Melrose where they concoct the most tasty and unique creations. From "Olive Oil" to "Guinness Chocolate" to even "Foie Gras" - the menu can be weird but there are more "normal" flavors too. My fave is "Brown Bread," which tastes like Grape Nuts and caramel. But since my converting to a low-cholesterol diet, I have stuck to their vegan gelato and sorbet instead. Which is just fine, because it's ah-maaaa-zing....

My choice: Kids scoop of Banana Mango Pineapple sorbet and Almond Fig Soy Gelato. The price of heaven in a cup? TWO BUCKS.

I also sampled Abe's - "One scoop" (yes, it's actually more than one) of the Maple Oreo Soy Gelato. 75-cents more than mine.

Soy delicious.

I also heart Scoops because they let you sample as much as you want without giving you 'tude and they let you sprinkle nuts/jimmies for free (that's why my bowl is rainbowed). Plus, they're eco-conscious - recycling their plastic spoons and using glass containers if you're not taking your dessert to-go.

Another glorious night of sleep! I went to the gym this morning and made something new for breakfast -

After Christy's positive review of Jay Robb's protein powder, I wrote to them to see if I could get a few samples to try. Kathryn was kind enough to send them along right away - thank you!

I decided to make a smoothie soup. I felt like a smoothie, but I also wanted to eat something. So I compromised. I made a very slushy smoothie with the Jay Robb chocolate powder, using a ton of ice and a little bit of water and frozen pineapple.

I divided the "soup" into two bowls (even though the packet was just for one serving). Then I added some toppings.

Annie's sent us a coupon to try a free product, so I chose the most expensive item I could find -these Cocoa and Vanilla Bunnies cereal. I sprinkled a handful of these bunnies, along with 1/2 an organic plum and some honey glazed almonds -

I yelled for Abe to join me before breakfast melted. He was confused.

We both really enjoyed this! I loved the combo of coldness and crunch. The chocolate bunnies were like thin cocoa animal crackers. The Jay Robb powder was not as sweet as the Shakeology one I love, but it's a lot more affordable. Not surprisingly, I started getting hungry about 2 hours later (probably because I had split the packet with Abe). But I was in the midst of running errands so I didn't get a chance to eat until another hour had passed.

I went to The Grove to return some clothes and meet my friend Skye for an hour, then stopped by the post office to mail a few fan letters and return my old Sigg bottle - apparently the ones produced before 2008 have a lining with BPA. Uh oh. That's no good. But you can exchange your old bottle for new, non BPA one, if you fill out these forms and cover the postage yourself.

Bye-bye, BPA Bottle.

For lunch I decided I wanted to start using up my big bottle of vegan Bac'Uns that have been sitting in my pantry for months, so that inspired this salad:

Mixed organic greens, organic tomatoes, organic cucumbers, and Bac'Uns, with baked goguma (Korean Sweet Potato, that I cut into pieces, nuked for 2 minutes, then baked with cooking spray at 400 degrees for 10 minutes). Knowing maple goes well with "bacon" flavors, I made a dressing out of 1 tsp. maple syrup, 2 tsp. red wine vinegar, 1 tsp. yellow mustard, and 1 tsp. olive oil.

Toss all the ingredients together, divide into two bowls. Added some turkey for me, and some chickpeas for the vegetarian:

Some organic figs for dessert. See how one of them is cracking open with ripeness? That's how I like 'em.

Good news on the "White on Rice" front - we have done strong enough in Orange County to stay another week, and will continue to open in San Francisco and San Jose this weekend. The bad news is, we will be leaving the Sunset 5 as of Thursday night and moving to the Santa Monica Laemmle Saturday and Sunday for 11am showings only. So if you want to see the film Los Angeles, this may be your last chance!

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