Lynn - Explorin' and Rushmorin'

Nobody slept spectacularly last night. I think we may all have been running out of steam. Luckily we only had one thing on the agenda, so today was all about playing it by ear, which is one of my favorite parts of traveling. Breakfast was the "South Dakota usual" - warmed grape nuts with chia seeds, skim milk, and banana; but I added some prunes in lieu of nectarines this time....

I ran out of Greens+ samples so I just took a few green pills with my multi and ginger chew this morning.

Here was our planned activity, quality time with another Abe:

It was so cool to see Mount Rushmore from all different angles:

Me and my sister-in-law, Anna, looking up their noses.

We got to see the sculptor's studio, where they had one of his original models for the monument:

As you can see, they had initially envisioned their full bodies/hands/etc. Guess that didn't work out. Just goes to show - you don't need to finish everything you start for it to be spectacular.

The whole gang:

Our tummies were grumbling so we just had lunch at the cafeteria there. They had some ready-made burgers, a weak salad bar, and some greasy looking hot food. I got a ready-prepped chicken salad and bulked it up at the fixins bar with some tomatoes and pickles:

With some fat-free Italian dressing. I don't usually eat fat-free dressing, but it seemed better than the creamy stuff they had in pumpable vats. Plus this Huckleberry lollipop Abe got me at Wall Drug yesterday, which I ate about 3/4 of.

I don't know what Huckleberry tastes like, so I can't be sure if this was an accurate flavor creation. It just tasted like sugar to me.

After Mt. Rushmore/lunch, we didn't know what to do. So we headed back to the town of Custer. So glad we did, because we wandered into the adorable Custer County Candy Company:

They of course, had sweets galore....

And tons of samples (I didn't try any, but on principal, I thought this was terrific):

I bought a Strawberry Cheesecake flavored Jelly Belly lollipop for future sucking. I've never seen these before.

My brother-in-law Zack got some dark chocolate/caramel/pretzel/peanut butter turtles, so I had a delicious bite.

The candy store shared its bathroom with the art gallery/store next door, A Walk in the Woods, which sold a lot of home decor, candles, etc...

We agreed this probably the nicest public bathroom in South Dakota:

The sinks had smooth stones in them - even the Method liquid hand soap had its own little rocks at the bottom!

We bought a thank-you card from A Walk in the Woods because we had read in the local paper that the Custer Firemen had travelled to Los Angeles to help with our wildfire situation. We stopped by and slipped the card under the door....

Then we revisited Legion Lake, where we had dinner last night. Anna and Zack took a paddle boat ride while the rest of us walked around the lake. We bumped into some locals (and their cute wet dog) who told us that further up the trail was the Badger Clark Memorial, home of the cowboy poet Badger Clark.

It was such a cute little home, that Badger built himself. Inside was a sweet man who encouraged us to walk around, ask questions, and take pictures.

I, of course, took photos of the kitchen...

...and pantry items...

So much fun. I love stumbling upon stuff like this!

Back in the van I had two handfuls of Honey Wheat Pretzels...

Now we're all back at the Blue Bell Lodge, reading, blogging, and relaxing. Hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend wherever you are!