Lynn - Leaving Las Vegas

Why did I feel hungover Wednesday morning?  I got plenty of sleep but was terribly groggy as I trudged through my morning workout at the gym (30 minutes on the elliptical, 25 lower body weights, 5 stretching).  I hadn't touched a drop of alcohol or even a single slot machine - and yet I was feeling a very Vegas-y morning.

We packed up our bags and I slathered on some sunscreen for the 4 hour ride back.  In case you're wondering, I use Coppertone Water Babies.  

I've discovered, through babysitting, that it's the least greasy.  There are organic, chemical-free brands I like, but when I need some serious body coverage this stuff is the most economical.

Another bowl of Kashi Vive and Organic Rice Milk with the remaining half of my apple from yesterday -

A little more paper reading...

And we were off!  We listened to one of my favorite albums of all time, The Pixies' Doolittle, which I found on cassette tape in Abe's car.  Cassette Tapes!!!  Some of my blog readers may not even know what the heck those are!

We stopped in Baker, where they had Alien Fresh Jerky - whatever that is -

And the world's largest thermometer -

Abe got a veggie burger and fries from the Mad Greek's Drive-Thru, which he proclaimed to be delicious.  I had my leftovers from last night, kept fresh in our ice-packed cooler -

The waitress from Bouchon had thrown in some extra bread - how sweet is she?  It was rock hard but still tasty.  Everything was still good, just not as wonderful as it was in its original state.  Cold chicken conjures up so many memories of growing up.  I never have leftover drumsticks lying around the fridge these days.   I removed the skin again. 

An organic red plum -

And 2 green pills, a fish oil supplement, calcium chew, and a chocolate tootsie pop.

We picked up Julius, who was already at the gate when we pulled up.  He recognized us right away.


I gave him a bath the second I got back.  Who knows what he's been rolling around in since Monday!

He likes to roll around in a towel to dry off -

So much to do!  I decided to prep ahead and make dinner so I wouldn't have to think about it later -

Abe's leftover artichoke hearts, chickpeas, whole wheat cous cous cooked in veggie broth, and canned beets.  Combined with some salt and pepper and shoved in the fridge.

Lots of acting stuff to do - I had an appointment to talk with my theatrical agent about PR stuff, acting class homework, and some prep work for a series regular role on Friday.  Auditions are finally starting up again - of course, while I was gone I had my first two in almost a month - both of which I had to pass on.  Typical acting karma.

Pre-dinner snack of pumpernickel pretzels -

Look what came while we were gone!  A bunch of coupons from Stonyfield -

Thanks Kristina!

And Stevia galore!!!

Wow, NuNaturals!  When Ron contacted us and said you'd send us some products to try, I had no idea it would be this bounty of goods - am quite speechless with your generosity!

(I hope I like stevia - the last time I tried it I wasn't a fan so we'll see!)

I kept on working away (still haven't unpacked, eek!) and suddenly hunger hit me - bam!  Good thing dinner was already done!  I added some Galeo's World's Best Miso Ginger and Wasabi dressing to my bowl -

And started scarfing it down.  Midway through I realized I hadn't snapped a pic - which is why this one is so blurry -

For dessert - Passionfruit Sorbet, Stonyfield's Chocolate Fro Yo and Kashi Vive -

With 2 green pills, a flax seed oil supplement, calcium chew, and peanut ginger chew.

OK - time to unpack, study my lines, shower, and catch up on blogs!  It's good to be home!