Lynn - Chew, chew

Lunch didn't hold me over for very long; about 3 hours later I felt hungry, with a full-on stomach pang 1/2 an hour later. I broke into my sandwich around 5pm, and ate about half of what was left of these:

Plus a bruised little nectarine

Fish oil, green pills, calcium gummies, and a ginger chew

I packed the rest of the pretzels and this big peach for class -

Then I took Julius on a 40-minute walk before leaving. I listened to one of my favorite podcasts, Lipgloss and Laptops, and was sad to hear one of the hosts announce she's leaving the show. I've been listening to their episodes for a long time (all 138 of them). I even got a chance to have lunch with them when I was in Vancouver a few years ago. The podcast is about beauty products, beauty culture, and the cosmetics industry. I'll be really sad not to have both my ladies with me on my walks; I do hope the show will continue.

Anyhoo, acting class was good. I'm trying to keep an open mind about all the new concepts and put aside all the stuff I've already learned, habits I've already formed.

I didn't eat the pretzels, but I did have my peach at the end of class, around 9:30pm. Followed by a ginger chew, of course.

A note about the chews - the reason I am so habitual about the ginger chew/lollipop thing after meals and snacks is because it is a big part of how I stopped binge eating. Having a ritual helps me slow down and gives my mind/body a chance to catch up with one another, kinda to signal that eating is over. For years I smoked cigarettes, then I quit and switched to hard candies. It may come off as OCD, but it's an addiction. I've thought it might be tedious to repost every single time I have a one but I want to be honest! I realize it's not ideal to be consuming so much sugar but it's a LOT better than the binge-y feeling I get when I don't have it. And beats the hell outa cigarettes too!

That said, I'm going to experiment with cutting down on the chews. Once upon a time, I used to chew gum in addition to everything else but I've managed to stop that. We'll see how it goes!

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